Travel Tips, Packing Kids Carry On

Travel Tips, packing kids carry on

Travel Tips For Packing Kids Carry On.

Traveling with children can make your stress levels go through the roof. Preparing for most of the problems that can arise while flying with children can make your experience less stressful.

I have been flying with children for almost 16 years and for the most part, have managed to avoid most problems that only seem to arise when the plane takes off.

I remember getting on a plane with my children when the luxury of having a tablet and a pair of headphones to keep them happy were not an option. I had to keep a 6-year-old, 3 – year-old and 6-month old entertained using creativity and a few items from a dollar store.

Your child’s carry on is one of the most important bags you can pack. It is the difference between a peaceful flight or the reason you don’t fly with your children anymore. Here’s some of my must have for little children.

A change of clothes, because motion sickness strikes when you least expect it. Bring wipes and an extra plastic bag to put soiled clothes in.

Entertainment, whatever keeps their attention the longest…bring it! for most children that would be their tablets and headphones. A notebook, pencils, and crayons can come in handy when they get bored with the usual.

I would pack little activities in sandwich bags to keep them reachable without having to pull everything out at once. Put cards, little puzzles, little activity books and whatever you may need to keep them occupied in those bags and toss them in their carry on.

Snacks, because when they get bored; they eat. There’s nothing worse than having your child loudly express how hungry they are and continuously explain how they are starving.

Sandwich bags are my go to for this too. Try to pack as many healthy snacks as you can, such as carrot sticks, celery sticks, cheese its, pretzels and throw in a Lunchable or two. You can’t bring juice or any liquid through TSA so pack a little water bottle and some powdered drink mix as well.

Dress accordingly, if it’s cold outside, dress your child in layers. Once you get inside the airport they will want out of the hot clothing. With layers, you can simply throw the extra layers in your carry on.

Don’t forget a travel-sized blanket and small pillow (if they usually sleep on one). It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the summer, bring your blanket.

We experienced a long delay and found ourselves sitting in the airport freezing. We were the family with our arms inside our shirts huddled together trying to stay warm.

Sure you can purchase a blanket from any of the airport stores, but do you really want to spend that much money on a blanket? If for no other reason, bring it for the kids. They will certainly find a reason to complain about being cold or will want one because someone else has one.

Your carry on should have all the things you will need to help keep you sane and comfortable for the flight.

I bring ear buds, a good book, and make sure I have at least a 3-hour long playlist. I make sure I have enough music to last at least until rental car pick up. Don’t forget your snacks, blanket, and pillow.

I’ve done theses things every year while traveling with younger children. Now that they are older and capable of packing their things, I just pack to make sure I’m comfortable and mentally prepare myself for the week-long vacation with my family and in-laws.

I hope this post helps you prepare for your next trip with your children. What are your go to’s when traveling with children?

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