Travel Tips, Packing for Family Vacation

Travel tips, Packing for family vacation

Packing for Family Vacation?

The thing I don’t enjoy about traveling is packing the kid’s stuff. Over the years I’ve had trial and error with this part of traveling.

I did the standard packing…the fold and neatly place their belongings into the luggage and secure them in with the seatbelt looking thing.  The problem with this way of packing was having to pull everything out to find what the kids are wearing for the day.

Intermediate packing…you know when you pack what top will go with what bottom all neatly stacked together. No. This didn’t work for me because the children would go through the luggage looking for shoes, toiletries, or a certain piece of clothing and eventually everything would be everywhere.

I had four little children to dress and needed something that would take the stress and time out of doing so.

I’d finally found a system that would work and it cut the dress time in half.

Collegiate packing, this involved zip locked bags, and zippered makeup bags. I would pick all the clothes the children would wear on vacation, iron, fold, pair everything together and place those neatly fold outfits into a large zip lock bag along with underclothes and any other accessories (bibs, pacifier clips…) they needed for that day.

I put all of their toiletries into a make-up bag (standard size toiletries didn’t hold all of their toiletries) so that everything they needed for grooming was all in one place.

Anyone who volunteered to dress them for the day would simply grab a zip lock bag and the makeup bag and have everything ready for use without the hassle of looking through their luggage. Their shoes were usually placed in the large inside pocket of the suitcase for fast access.

A few things outside of clothing organization I must have while vacationing and saves me heart-break is my dried seasonings…yes they are a must when you plan to cook on vacation.

There’s nothing worst for me to have to go to the local grocery store and find that they don’t sell what I need to season my food. It’s deeper than salt and pepper people!

We cook at least 2 or 3 days to help cut costs of eating out every night with such a large group. I simply put them in a ziplock bag and toss them in the luggage.

Laundry supplies are also a must for me and since the great invention of laundry pods I just put a few of them in a zip lock bag (yes plastic zip bags are my life saver!) and toss them in the luggage. I also pack bleach tabs and fabric sheets.

Medical kit, I was that mother that had everything but the kitchen sink in her bag. I had two wild little boys who were true to being boys.

Hickey’s, falls, bruises, cuts, nose bleeds and everything you could imagine boys getting. I made sure I had the things I needed on hand for such injuries.

There was no need to find a store because I had it in the bag. This helped keep things flowing for everyone when those things arose.

This helped keep things flowing for everyone when those things arose. Band-aids, antiseptic spray, cold packs, pain killers, and ointments for everything.

Preparedness is what helps things run smoothly while vacationing with young children and large groups.

How do you prepare for vacation?

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