Happiness Is…

happiness is...

Happiness is….

Happiness is a hot cup of coffee on a slow morning.

It’s being able to play in the rain after going through 90 days of heat in Texas. It’s the slight snoring of a two-year-old and the ability to breathe through your nose after having a cold for a week.

The feeling you get when you see your baby for the first time. Happiness is spending time with your aging parents and the laughter of playing children. It’s listening to your three-year-old sing as she dances around in your shoes.

It’s seeing your toothless kindergarten kid first school pictures. It’s the sound that toothless kid makes while trying to say any word starting with an “s”.

Happiness is watching your husband dance with his daughters or playing football with his sons. It’s the feeling you get as you watch a first-time dad try to calm a fussy baby.

It’s also the feeling you get after realizing even in the chaos, there is no other place you would rather be than right where you are in life.

Happiness is simply being grateful for the moments you are given every day. In life you don’t remember the days, you remember the moments.

We are all given little moments, we just need to know how to appreciate them and cherish them while we can.

Being a mom of four I was always on the go, I always had somewhere to be. Football practice, dance practice, gymnastics, school functions and the list goes on.

I remember sitting down wishing those days would hurry up and pass because I was tired. I didn’t realize that those were the moments that I would cherish as they got older.

The moments I was able to be there to watch them play football or dance, flip and cheer are the moments I cherish the most.

I remember older women telling me to cherish this time in my children lives because they go by fast.

I didn’t see it then, but now that those children are 22, 18, 15 and 12, I realize that those days flew by… thank God for those little moments.

I sometimes find myself wishing for those days to return so that I could hold the older ones a little longer or to simply hear them running through the house.

I know there are many more moments to come that I can look forward to and I have a lifetime of memories stored on my desktop as well.

Live in the moments and never take them for granted. Love more, laugh louder and play harder. Moments are all we really have so make more of them.

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