Airport Tips, Flying With A Large Family

Airport tips, flying with a large family

Flying with a large family is not as hard as some would think. If you have read How To Stay Sane While Traveling with a large family, then you know I’m talking about 20+ people.

When it’s time to leave for a trip we usually schedule early flights. This allows us to make it to the resort and settle in before the day is over. Most times we have to be to the airport by 4 am to check-in all the luggage and go through security without worrying about missing our flight.

Most times we have to be to the airport by 4 am to check-in all the luggage and go through security without worrying about missing our flight.

Due to some of the family living in other states; we all try to schedule our flights around the same time. This way we all make it to our destination around the same time.

Returning from our trip is another story. We are all arriving at the same airport, at the same time and preparing to go through security.

Here is how we do it and keep our sanity.

Stay in your lane/ know your role

It is very important that everyone know what it is they need to do. If your job it to help get the luggage, then stick to that, no need for you to try to help with check in.

It’s usually the men and older boys helping to get the luggage from the vans to the check-in lines. Women and older girls begin the check in process and watch the younger kids until the guys are done with luggage.

Giving everyone something to do, helps move the process along. It also allows the people who rented the vans to return them and get back in time to go through security and not miss the flight.

Make Sure you put everything needed to get through security where you can get to it.

There is nothing worse than having to wait for someone who can’t find their ID to check in bags. When so many of us are flying at the same time; being prepared and organized is a must.

Having your ID ready to check-in bags help keep things moving and ensure all bags make the flight.

Make sure you know how many bags you have. A bag count is necessary to ensure everyone’s bags are sent to their final destination.

Knowing how many bags are going to each city also helps keep things running smoothly.

It doesn’t matter if your bags are checked in under someone else name; as long as it is going to the same location. You can get them at baggage claim when you get to your destination…. No one wants your bags, calm down.

Keep up with your kids and their belongings.

My children are older now and know how to get through security on their own. When they were little I made sure to know where they were and where their carry on was.

Having a child sit his/her bag down somewhere and forget it there is a battle you don’t want to fight.

Security is pretty good at keeping parents and kids together. They don’t usually allow children through without a parent present.

With little children, make sure to grab your bags, their bags and anything they may have put on the conveyor belt. With so much going on around them they will walk off without grabbing them.

Help when asked only!

We can all use a little help when dealing with children and bags, but be sure to ask first. Most of the time parents have everything planned in their heads and the slightest interruption can lead to a huge misunderstanding.

Taking children with you to help the parent without the parent permission can cause unnecessary tension. You will be able to help once the security process is done and everyone and their belongings are accounted for.

Have someone do a head count

Find that kid that just can’t keep still and needs something to do. They would love to go around counting making sure everyone is accounted for.

Keeping tabs on everyone allows all of you to board the plane together….(yes! to that one airline) The kids will want to sit with each other. The adults just want to get settled and go to sleep. Boarding together helps make this possible.

I have been flying with my family for many years. We haven’t had any major issues and everyone and their luggage made it to their destinations without a hitch.

Hope these tips help you get through airport check-in and security with your family without losing your mind.

Flying with family? Share your tips.



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