meoutside Welcome! Thanks for stopping by,

I’m Vicki a mother of 4 (…2 down 2 to go!), wife to an amazing man, and an all-around easy-going person.

I Home school two beautiful girls (14, 11), travel with close friends and family, love all things DIY, and I’m always on the hunt for products and short cuts that will help make things run smoothly in the midst of it all. When I have time to myself (which is rare), you will most likely catch me in jeans and a t-shirt eating, reading, and listening to music.

I started this blog because I want more people to learn to enjoy the moments that we are given. Sometimes we forget to slow down and appreciate where we are in life and before we know it those things or people who was once there are no longer around. Learning to slow down and appreciate moments helps us to be more open and understanding.

I have had my share of ups and downs (4 kids!), and learning to face those problems with the appreciation for the good times was one way I dealt with them. Raising two sons (grown and gone), a teenage daughter and a 11-year-old has given me more than enough moments to appreciate.

My family and I currently live in Dallas, but our hearts are still in New Orleans. Our parties don’t have end times, our music is loud, the food is spicy, we call everyone” baby”, and when we call you family we mean it.

Come along as I share laughs, tips, and unique situations while traveling with family, homeschooling, and all things the life of a stay at home mom can bring,