leave your bags at the door

Leave Your Bags at the Door

June 4, 2016 Vicki 0

Leave the luggage at the door… There’s nothing worse than loving someone who can’t leave the problems of their previous relationship at the door. True […]

This is not working

This Is Not Working!

March 24, 2016 Vicki 0

This is not working! I had chosen to homeschool my three children, converted the garage into a classroom, picked the desks, chairs and all the […]

Why I Chose Homeschool

March 23, 2016 Vicki 0

Homeschooling…Who…Me? Never! That was my thought when someone would bring up the idea of me homeschooling my children. That was four years ago and now […]

she has

She has Daddy Issues

March 22, 2016 Vicki 0

She has daddy issues… Yes it’s true, I had daddy issues. Growing up in a single parent home left me feeling empty for a while. […]

i will

I Will, I Won’t, I Do!

February 29, 2016 Vicki 0

Marriage is hard work! Is what I tell anyone who’s thinking about getting married or about to get married. The thought that marriage is something […]

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Review

February 23, 2016 Vicki 2

Affiliate links are used below to promote products I love and enjoy. Please see my disclosure policy for more details.   Amazon Echo? What is […]